Minutes - 12 December 2018

For the Thought of the Day, Judy lead us in several Christmas songs.  To the tune of Let It Snow, Judy sang new lyrics while we all filled in with a chorus of Let Me Sew, Let Me Sew, Let Me Sew! Next, to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas, we sang The 12 Things I Didn’t Get Close to Done:

      One King Size Quilt That Wasn’t Much Fun

      Two Tote Bags

      Three Mug Rugs

      Four Table Runners

      Five Baby Quilts

      Six Placemat Sets

      Seven Pillowcases

      Eight Fancy Aprons

      Nine New Potholders

      Ten Christmas Stockings

      Eleven Hearts for Trimming

      Twelve Small Wall Hangings

Judy also showed her new copy of the publication Quilt Folk.  It is published quarterly; each issue focuses on the quilts/quilting/quilters of one state.  (Subscription @ $75/year)

The Minutes for November 2018 were emailed to the membership, and were approved as published on our website. 

Treasurer’s Report:  

   · Balance in our accounts:  General Acct, $1831; Quilt Show Acct $237; and Raffle Acct, $87.  The report will be filed for audit.  


   · Last month we voted to have a Programs Committee in lieu of a 1st and 2nd Vice President for the coming year.  The Committee has been established as Maryellen Naughton, Debbie Marsh and Kathleen Helm.

   · Although we have some ideas, and a few months have been planned, we are seeking ideas from the membership as to what you would like to have for Programs.  Also, ideas for Charity projects are being sought. Papers on the table are there to note your thoughts – don’t just whisper to your neighbor “I wish they would have _____” – tell us!

   · January – Show & Tell Prize Drawing.  We have 25 items as prizes!

   · February - Marilyn Williams – trunk show and discussion of types of batting.  Marilyn lives in Rye, is a longarm quilter and former shop owner.

   · March – Work Day to prepare kits for the Community Project for the Quilt Show.

   · June – Date change to 6/24 due to Vacation Bible School.  Chance Auction.

Committee Reports –

   · Fat Quarters – one group this month - Snowflakes, won by Agnes Jantz.  Fat Quarter theme for January is White-on-White.  The schedule from 2018 will be repeated.

   · Membership – New memberships as well as Renewals were accepted today.  Diane B. has the form.  Membership for one year is $25.

   · Sunshine – We have 48 members and 2 guests today.  Drawing for the yard of fabric, for wearing her name tag:  Sara Warren – one yard of snowflake fabric!

   · Co-op Block –The block for November/December was a Gingerbread Man, won by Teresa.  The new block is a two-color 9-patch made with 2-½ inch squares – 5 squares of Color 1 and 4 squares of Color 2.  Cross cut and rotate only two opposing corners. Finish at 6 inches.  (See below.  Diagram will be in the Newsletter.)

   · Newsletter – Will be compiled this month by Cass.  You will receive via email from Nancy or mail from Holly.  Cass asked for items by Dec 26 or 27.

   · Love Quilts – Agnes and Naoma each shared two.

   · Bucket Raffle – Naoma has three items left over from last year – she received more donations than could reasonably by offered!  We will still need a half dozen small items.

   · Pillowcases Presentation Cases – 2 from Barbara B., 10 from Joan. 

   · In-House Drawing – Monthly in-house drawing tickets are 25 cents each or 5/$1.  Three drawings today:  #1 – Quilt Frame with a bag of larger scraps (MaryBeth), #2 – several bags of strips plus 3 rulers (Carol Briscoe), #3 - a book, a 6”x24” ruler, bag of Xmas panels (Cynthia).  Tickets ($1 each or 6/$5) for the raffle of our Tree of Life quilt – winner is Carol Nachtigall!

   · Round Robin Block Party – Linda has the list of who worked on which block – if you need to know who contributed to yours!  A new Round Robin will be started in January.

   · Quilt Show – Received a donation of $100!

       o Registration Forms are available today, will be in the Newsletter, now available on the website.  [Registration Form may be printed from the Announcements page of this website]

       o Saturday, April 13 will be our Community Project.  We will make bags to supply to the Mennonite Central Committee, who fill these bags with school supplies for domestic schools as well as to send overseas. We need donations of fabric – 1-¼ yds cuts please.  No prints with pigs, flags, or religious or military symbols.  Work Day at our March meeting to prepare kits.

       o In lieu of a President’s Block this year, Carol has asked that members donate a cut of fabric for this project – 1-¼ yds.

       o Also needed are donations of cording.  Cass has checked prices at various outlets – Lowe’s and Home Depot are less expensive than Hobby Lobby.  One package of cord (50’) is about $2.99.

       o The Chile Challenge will be issued to other guilds in our area!  Show your project at our March meeting prior to entry in the Quilt Show.  Maximum size 24”x24”.  No prize to the winner – just bragging rights!  Committee may ask a local celebrity to “judge” the entries.  [Chile Challenge flyer on the Announcements page of this website.]

Announcements –

   · Esther Archuleta is in the Center at Park West, Room 308.  She had complications with surgery on her knees and infection developed. Update:  Esther is still having issues with her knees and will be having surgery again.

   · Carol will be in Arizona from mid-January thru mid-March.

   · Lucy’s husband Jim is undergoing daily treatment for cancer in his head and throat.  

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Shaw


Jan/Feb Co-op Block

Two-Color Nine Patch Block - Finish at 6 inches

Need:  2-1/2" squares. 

Color 1 = 5 squares, Color 2 = 4 squares

Place Color 1 squares in 4 corners and center.  Place Color 2 squares in top and bottom centers and side centers.  Stitch.

Crosscut into 4 pieces.  Turn the upper left and lower right blocks 180 degrees.

Stitch together.  Finished piece should measure 6 inches.

See examples in Meeting Photos.