Minutes - 21 January 2019

The meeting was conducted by Joy Sterner, Acting President for Carol Clark who is out of town.

The Minutes for December 2018 were emailed to the membership, and were approved as published on our website. 

Treasurer’s Report:  

  · Balance in our accounts:  General Acct, $2624; Quilt Show Acct $337; and Raffle Acct, $87.  The report will be filed for audit.  

Committee Reports –

  · Fat Quarters –Theme for January is White-on-White, won by Paula, Agnes and MaryBeth.  Theme for February is Trees.  The schedule from 2018 will be repeated and is posted on the website.

  · Membership – Between renewals and new memberships, we have approx. 60 members so far for 2019.

  · Sunshine – We have 53 members and 3 guests today.  Drawing for the yard of fabric, for wearing her name tag:  Priscilla Palacio – a winter scene, donated by Agnes!

  · Co-op Block –The block for January/February is a two-color 9-patch – quite a few blocks received today.  The drawing will be next month.

  · Newsletter – The Jan/Feb Newsletter was emailed, or mailed to those members who provided their address to Holly last month.  The deadline for the next newsletter is February 25.

  · Love Quilts –Naoma shared two, and has 6 kits available today.  The Nurse-Family Partnership sent a note indicating they received 59 quilts from us last year.

  · Bucket Raffle – Naoma has five items for this year’s raffle – including an autumn scene, and a hanging with raccoons.  We could use up to 10 more items – donations by next month would be appreciated.

  · In-House Drawing – Monthly in-house drawing tickets are 25 cents each or 5/$1.  Three drawings today:  #1 – T-shirt, platter & cookbook (Mary F), #2 – spool doll (Becky H.), #3 – dog bed, ruler & fabric (Jill).

  · Round Robin Block Party – A new Round Robin is starting – bring your starter block, to measure between 6” & 12” square.  Give to Linda P.

  · Quilt Show – 

     o Registration Forms are available today, were attached to the Newsletter, and are available on the website.

     o Thank you for the donations of fabric & cording.  Fabric should be 1-¼ yds cuts. No prints with pigs, flags, or religious or military symbols.  

     o Also need donations of ribbon – half-yard or more of ½” or smaller ribbon.

     o Work Day at our March meeting to prepare kits.

     o Need volunteers to conduct demos – the signup sheet will be available at the Feb meeting.

     o Entries remain $6, and are due March 22.

     o Cindy Brick will again provide quilt appraisals.  Cathy is taking appointments.

     o The opening Reception will be on Thursday, April 4th from 3:00p-5:00p, and will celebrate both our Featured Quilter, and our 10th anniversary!

Programs –

  · February – we will have Marilyn Williams, a former quilt shop owner who has retired to Rye. She will give a trunk show and will discuss various types of batting.

  · March – our in-house workshop to compile kits for the sewing during the Quilt Show.

  · Future programs (dates have not been set):  Jenny Kay Parks – program & class, Suzi Perron – program on barn quilts & class, Cheryl Phillips – sometime in the summer, Liz Van Sommeran – fiber artist & quilter who lives in Westcliffe.

Old Business –

  · The Chile Challenge has been issued to area guilds – Scrappy Ladies has accepted, we have not heard from Pueblo West or others.  Item can be of any design but must be 3 layers (top/batt/back) and must have a finished edge.  Maximum 24”x24”.  Bring to show at the March meeting; complete entry form to submit to Quilt Show.

New Business –

  · A motion was made to “Revise the 2019 Budget to add $699 of the cash reserve from 2018 to the Programs line item.”  (Maryellen Naughton/Linda Pace/Passed)

Announcements –

  · Pat Montez has the directions for the footstool, or tuffet, that she showed a couple months ago (it was also shown at the State Fair).  Someone had asked for the instructions.

  · Piecing Partners (quilt guild in Colorado Springs) is no longer posting photos from their Show & Tell on their website.  Someone copied a quilt that was shown and violated the copyright of the quilt designer.

  · Polyester material which is unsuitable for quilts may be given to Alice or June. They belong to a group that makes quilts (which don’t require a batting) for SRDA.

  · Lucy’s husband Jim was admitted to the hospital on Friday, Jan 18th, with pneumonia. Treatment of his cancer is continuing.

  · Donna Austin, a longtime member of Pride City, is also battling cancer (lymphoma).  

     Our Program this month was the drawing for 25 prizes, from the Show & Tell tickets from 2018.  Winners may only win once, and must be present to win (or have designated someone to select a prize for them).  See pictures of the winners with their choice on our website!

     We drew 6 tickets from the Green bucket (large quilts over 70”x90”), then 2 tickets from the Purple bucket (charity quilts, any size), six tickets from the Pink bucket (quilts of medium size such as lap and baby quilts, 40”x60”-70”x90”), two more tickets from the Purple bucket, six tickets from the Yellow bucket (small projects such as placemats/tablerunners/mug rugs, etc.), two more tickets from the Purple bucket, and one final ticket from all of the remaining tickets – all colors combined.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Shaw


Jan/Feb Co-op Block

Two-Color Nine Patch Block - Finish at 6 inches

Need:  2-1/2" squares. 

Color 1 = 5 squares, Color 2 = 4 squares

Place Color 1 squares in 4 corners and center.  Place Color 2 squares in top and bottom centers and side centers.  Stitch.

Crosscut into 4 pieces.  Turn the upper left and lower right blocks 180 degrees.

Stitch together.  Finished piece should measure 6 inches.

See examples in Meeting Photos.