Minutes - 19 November 2018

Judy gave us several anecdotal Thanksgiving stories.

The Minutes for October 2018 were emailed to the membership, and were approved as published on our website. 

Treasurer’s Report:  

   · Balance in our accounts:  General Acct, $1788; Quilt Show Acct $332; and Raffle Acct, $87.  The report will be filed for audit.  

   · Motion:  Accept the Proposed Budget for 2019 as presented.  [Joy Sterner/Teresa Grice/Passed].

Program:  Margaret Arnot “Quilting for Success” – a discussion of judging at the State Fair.

   · Points must be pointed – not cut off, curves should be smooth, intersections should meet – not be offset.

   · The quilting pattern needs to complement the piecing.

   · There needs to be enough quilting so that when placing your hand on an open space, it covers at least some of the quilting.

   · There should be no odors, pet hair, loose threads, soil or stains on quilts submitted to a Show.  These conditions can affect the quilt next to it – the judges do not know which quilt is the offending item and will downgrade both items.

   · Marking lines need to be removed.

   · If you want changes to the judging categories, contact your Fair Board!

Committee Reports –

   · Fat Quarters – theme this month was Christmas, won by Agnes Jantz and Linda Pace.  Fat Quarter theme for December is Snowflakes.

   · Membership – Renewals were accepted today.  Diane B. has the form.  Membership for one year is $25.

   · Sunshine – We have 55 members and 2 guests today.  Drawing for the yard of fabric, for wearing her name tag:  Debbie Marsh.

   · Co-op Block –The block for November/December is a Gingerbread Man decorated however you wish. The man or boy can be any size – but on a 12.5” block.  We have 10 submitted today – picture on the website.

   · Pillowcases – one from Carol C., 17 from Barbara B., 16 from Nancy S. – Total of 34 today. Total to date = 904!!  QOV is now calling them Presentation Cases.

   · In-House Drawing – Monthly in-house drawing tickets are 25 cents each or 5/$1.  Three drawings today:  two kits for an espresso ornament with fabric and a book (Sara Warren, Pat Rotolo), and two yds. of fabric with an 8”x12” ruler and a book (Judy Thomas).  Tickets are also available ($1 each or 6/$5) for the raffle of our Tree of Life quilt – drawing at the December meeting.  

   · Round Robin Block Party – Five finished blocks were handed in today and were returned to the originating quilter.  (See pictures with Show & Tell).  Another Block Party will start after the holidays.

   · Newsletter – Cass will fill in for Lucy in preparing the Jan/Feb newsletter.  It will be a shortened version, in black&white, but will include the next Co-op pattern and the Registration form for the Quilt Show.

   · Quilt Show – In 2019 we will host our Annual Southern Colorado Regional Quilt Show. This is the 10th Show to be hosted at the El Pueblo History Museum.

      o Dates will be April 4-15, 2019.  Entry forms are due March 22.

      o Entry forms for quilts will be available at the December meeting and will be in the next Newsletter.  Entry fee continues @ $6/quilt.  If you enter more than 4 quilts, you must prioritize them in the event that we do not have room to show them all.

      o Featured Quilter will be Cathy Ortega.  Previous Featured Quilters will be invited to the Opening Reception.  No wine will be served at the Reception this year as we would have to purchase a one-day liquor license @ $100.

      o Saturday, April 6 will feature Appraisals by Cindy Brick.  Fee this year will be $55 for Guild members, $60 for non-guild members.

      o Friday, April 12 we will have two kids’ classes (morning & afternoon) to make muslin bunnies for Easter.  Children may also decorate berry baskets – donations of ribbon will be sought at a later date.

      o Saturday, April 13 will be our Community Project.  We will make bags to supply to the Mennonite Central Committee, who fill these bags with school supplies for domestic schools as well as to send overseas. We need donations of fabric – 1-¼ yd cuts please.  No prints with pigs, flags, or religious or military symbols.  Work Day at our March meeting to prepare kits.

      o A Chile Challenge will be offered.  Flier attached.  Show your project at our March meeting prior to entry in the Quilt Show.

Programs –

   · Next month – Christmas “no-host” luncheon.  Designated hostesses – bring desserts.  Everyone else bring a “covered dish” to share.  We will not have the morning snacks.  Many Angel Gowns have been completed but need some embellishment – plan to work on these! We will also have the raffle drawing for the Tree of Life quilt.

   · January – Show & Tell Prize Drawing.  We have 25 items as prizes!

   · February -- In-House Sew Day for Love Quilts.

   · March – Work Day to prepare kits for the Community Project for the Quilt Show.

   · June – Date change to 6/24 due to Vacation Bible School.  Chance Auction.  

Old Business – 

   · The Committee formed last month to address our issues with the Creative Arts Building at State Fair considered many issues, and determined there were too many problems to address all of them.  The decision was made to address only those affecting our Guild.  A proposal was developed with a graphic layout, for a Quilting Display in the Building.  The Committee will meet with Trish (rep for Creative Arts) on Dec. 4th. If no resolution, a recommendation was made that the Committee approach the Fair Board.

New Business –

   · Election of Officers.  There have been no volunteers for the positions of 1st and 2nd Vice President, the ladies who plan & arrange our Programs.  

      o Motion:  In lieu of the positions of 1st & 2nd Vice President, for 2019 we shall have a Committee to fulfill this function.  [Joy Sterner/Agnes Jantz/Passed.]  

      o Motion:  A White Ballot is presented for the election of Officers for 2019:  Carol Clark for President, Nancy Shaw for Secretary, Pat Rotolo for Treasurer, and a Programs Committee of Maryellen Naughton, Debbie Marsh, and a 3rd person to be determined.  Approved.

Announcements –

   · Lucy received more cards from our members than from her church!  She also receives texts – so keep up the encouragement! Treatments of her husband’s cancers will continue daily for several months.

   · In lieu of a President’s Quilt, Carol asks that a 1-¼ yd piece of fabric be donated to the Quilt Show Committee.

   · Esther Archuleta is in the Center at Park West, Room 308.  She had complications with surgery on her knees and infection developed.

   · The Pigment Patchwork class with Rhonda Denney was held in October and November.  Thank you to Carol Davis for organizing the classes, and for hosting Rhonda in her home during these two 3-day sessions.

Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Shaw