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Charity Blocks

November Sew Day

In November, our Program will be an In-House Sew Day to put some tops together for charity quilts.  To this end, we are asking that members make some blocks from one of these two patterns. You may make as many as you would like – or none – as you choose to participate in this project.

You may keep your blocks at home, or you may bring them to the meetings over the next few months – we will be happy to collect them for you!

(No – these will not earn Show & Tell tickets.  Sorry!)

         HEART BLOCK

This heart block will measure 12-1/2” x 12-1/2“ as sewn, for a 12” finished block in a quilt top.  You may choose to make the heart in one color, or multi-colored in the same hue.

You will need:

1 – 6-7/8”  colored square

1 – 6-7/8”  white-ish square

4 – 2-1/2”  white-ish squares

2 – 6-1/2”  colored squares


·  Place the two 6-7/8” squares (one colored and one white) right sides together, marking the back of the white square corner to corner.  Stitch a scant quarter inch on each side of the marked line.  Cut apart on marked line.  Press seam toward colored side to provide a 6-12” square.  Trim if necessary.  

·  Stitch the two squares together, to form the bottom portion of the finished heart.  (Seam the colored edges together so the white “corners” face left & right.)

·  Place the 2-1/2” squares on the top two corners of the two colored 6-1/2” squares. Stitch corner to corner (from the top inside corner to the bottom outside corner).  Stitch the two top pieces together to form the top of the heart.

·  Stitch the top and bottom sections of the heart together.


              OHIO STAR BLOCK


·  Need two colors of fabric – any colors.

·  Use a medium or dark - print, solid or shaded fabric - for the background squares.

·  Use a lighter shade of the same hue for your center star – either a solid or blender fabric but not a print.  Could use white or a white-on-white.


·  From the background fabric, cut eight 4-½” squares  (Go Die #55060)

·  From the lighter fabric, cut one 4-½” square

·  From the lighter fabric, cut eight 3-½” squares  (Go Die #55006)


·  Using four of the smaller squares, place them (right sides together) in the bottom left corner of four of the background squares.

·  Draw a diagonal line from the top left to the bottom right of the smaller square.  Sew on this line.  Trim the corner to a ¼”, press seam toward corner.

·  With the same 4 squares, place another of the smaller squares on the bottom right corner, draw a diagonal line from the top right to the lower left corner (of the smaller square). Sew on this line.  Trim the corner to ¼“, and press toward corner.

·  Now lay out your squares to make a 9-patch block – dark 4-½” squares in the corners and lighter 4-½” square in the middle.  Place your star-point blocks in the middle of the top and bottom rows and in the center of each vertical side.

·  Stitch your 9-patch block.  Press.

·  Your block should finish at 12-½” as sewn – please do not trim!  We will trim blocks as needed when we put them together in a quilt top.


2019 Fat Quarters

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